Catalogue launch

OSLO PILOT invites you to the launch of The Word’s Head catalogue and a Reading/Performance by Erling Kittelsen accompanied by jazz musicians Trygve Seim and Frode Haltli

Friday 4 December 2015, 6–8pm
OSLO PILOT Project Room
Prinsens Gate 2
0152 Oslo, Norway

OSLO PILOTt is delighted to invite you to the launch of its first publication, The Word’s Head, on Friday 4th December at 6pm. Marking the closing of the inaugural presentation in the OSLO PILOT Project Room, this event initiates OSLO PILOT’s publication programme, which will include catalogues, The OSLO PILOT Magazine, and all works stemming from the Cycle Wording project, an initiative dedicated exclusively to the poetic text. OSLO PILOT’s text-based approaches to research enable the exploration and dissemination of diverse perspectives on its four key areas of investigation—Reactivation, Periodicity, Disappearance, and Public.

The catalogue launch will be followed by a performance by acclaimed Norwegian poet and playwright Erling Kittelsen, whose work “Abiriels Løve” is featured in The Word’s Head. This play was first published in 1988 and performed live at the National Theatre with musical accompaniment the following year. Kittelsen will be reactivating this live event for OSLO PILOT with a reading of five poems from the work accompanied by jazz musicians Trygve Seim and Frode Haltli.

Forming part of the Cycle Wording project, The Word’s Head is a year-long production programme for poetic text in the public realm. Itlaunched on 17 October 2015 with a presentation of the works of twenty-three poets selected by and including the members of the Cycle Wording Editorial Advisory Board: a rawlings, Aina Villanger, Ane Nydal, Ann Jäderlund, Ariana Reines, Colin Browne, Eduardo C. Corral, Erling Kittelsen, Gunnar Wærness, Guntars Godiņš, He Dong, Jamshed Masroor, Jordan Abel, Juris Kronbergs, Liāna Langa, Linda Klakken, Monica Aasprong, Morten Wintervold, Sigbjørn Skåden, Siri Katinka Valdez, Synnøve Persen, Terje Thorsen, and Victoria Kielland.

The Word’s Head catalogue beautifully documents the texts comprising the inaugural presentation in bound form, retaining a strong sense of the multiple dialogues emerging from these poetic voices. The reflections provoked by these works serve as critical groundwork for OSLO PILOT’s broader aim of gaining insight through multiple forms of encounter and collaboration.

Catalogue launchCatalogue launchCatalogue launchCatalogue launchCatalogue launch