Urban Voices – Is the “we” at risk in the “attractive city”?

November 11th
19:00 – 20:30 

OSLO PILOT’s project room
Prinsens gate 2
0152 Oslo 


“The attractive city” is the current vision for cities across the world—they should be competitive, innovative and creative. With this as our point of departure, we ask the question of what happens to urban society, to the “we”, if urban redevelopment policies concern only the polishing of the city, rather than enhancing social inclusion. 

In this forum, researchers from several Norwegian and German institutions who focus on connections between social inclusion/exclusion and urban public space will present their projects, and share their perspectives on the “we” in urban development. Additionally, speakers from Oslo have been invited to discuss their unique experiences of social inclusion or exclusion in urban public space in their city, and to address a series of specific questions:

What is your experience of being listened to or excluded from urban development, and how would you like to be heard in the development of urban public space and living areas?

Which role does public and urban space play for Oslo as an inclusive urban society, and specifically which urban public spaces would you like your city to develop in the future? 

As a visual element to the forum, the discussions will be graphically recorded by Anette Haugen, who is a graphic facilitator from VISFAS. Graphic recording provides a visual assemblage of the main points raised, and will leave a “visual testimony” to the choir of voices. It gives a common frame of reference, and an overview of how social inclusion and exclusion are experienced.

“Urban Voices” is organised by Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences in collaboration with the Goethe-Institut Norwegen and OSLO PILOT. 

Snacks and soft drinks will be served.



The sessions will alternate between English and Norwegian


Heidi Bergsli/Ingar Brattbakk, Oslo and Akershus University College:
Introduction: Are the “we” at risk in “the attractive city”?

Thomas Bürk, University of Hamburg:
Racial profiling as policing strategy in public spaces

Simon Güntner, Hamburg University College:
Conflicts about direct democracy in Hamburg

Martin Schwegmann, Director of the programme Actors of Urban Change: Illustrations from a program for urban Development through Cultural Activities and Cross-Sector Collaboration in Europe

Ingar Brattbakk/ Bengt Andersen/Aina Landsverk Hagen, Researchers at Oslo and Akershus University College
On projects at Tøyen

Joakim Skajaa, Architect, Eriksen Skajaa Arkitekter

Anne-Rita Andal, Project leader at the Rental Housing Association:
About the disadvantaged in the rental housing market and the project Ormsundveien

Kari Veiteberg, Priest at the Church City Mission/ Church City Mission centre of Tøyen Church

Arild Knutsen, Leader of the association for ethics of drug policy, Human Narkotikapolitikk

Ingrid Lønningsdal, Artist:
About the position of the artists in the city

Faridah Shakoor, Project leader of Do it! A Tøyen Unlimited project

Wenche Hansgaard, Leader of the Board of Elders

Discussion: How can we address the problem of exclusion and how can we increase inclusiveness in urban redevelopment and in public space?
Gro Sandkjær Hansen (Moderator)

OSLO PILOT is a two-year project curated by Eva González-Sancho and Per Gunnar Eeg-Tverbakk to investigate the role of art in and for the public realm and to lay ground for a future periodic art event in public space. OSLO PILOT is initiated and financed by the City of Oslo, Agency for Cultural Affairs, Norway.