Through Brugata like a river

Being born and entering

I’ll call the project, moving space wildly / being born and entering. I see her face as I go up singing loudly and determinedly, as if on a river, across Brugata street. At the instant when our gazes meet, the woman and I are making a film. Axis, focus, the image moves upwards and a singular beauty explodes, entering me through the corner of my eye. From my eye it travels to my mouth and transforms into a smile. Two smiles collide like soap bubbles, merging into one. Life swells indiscriminately and calls for its shining body. A pineapple green scarf on her head, I hear, Beautiful! and I let myself be carried along.

Elena Aitzkoa



Photo: Niklas Lello Photos: Niklas Lello


Photo: Niklas Lello


Photo: Niklas Lello






Photo: Niklas Lello