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September 21, 2016 10:23 am Published by

OSLO PILOT is pleased to announce a symposium entitled "The Giver, the Guest and the Ghost: The Presence of Art in Public Realms", to take place over the course of three full days: 16th, 17th and 18th of November.

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September 21, 2016 9:57 am Published by

On 4 November the work, HELD JUST ABOVE THE CURRENT by Lawrence Weiner, will be unveiled on the Nesodd Island ferries, on the perimeter fence around the construction site of the new National Museum, and in the form of 50,000 small tattoos handed out in several locations in Oslo.

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Oslo Art Weekend: DONALD

September 20, 2016 6:11 pm Published by

During Oslo Art Weekend OSLO PILOT invites to #4 of Francesc Ruiz's project An Expanded Comic in 5 Instalments: Donald - A conversation between Morten Harper and Øyvind Holen on the sociological impact of Donald Duck in Norwegian society.

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August 12, 2016 10:30 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

OSLO PILOT and Trollkrem enthrall you to enter SOPPEN, a two-day festival of music and performance in Ekebergparken Sculpture Park, August 19th and 20th, 2016.

Next to rotting tree trunks and remains of stone age settlements you can experience the work of more than 20 international artists. The artists have been invited by Trollkrem to develop new work specifically for the occasion. The unique line up responds to the backdrop of the sculpture park to spawn new representations of the gendered body.

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Tom McCarthy, Ingo Niermann and Emily Segal  create a work of fiction inspired by Oslo

July 19, 2016 4:45 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

The three authors have been invited to write a collaborative work of fiction contextualized by the city of Oslo and the ongoing research Oslo Pilot is conducting into four interconnected topics concerning the politics of time and contemporary art practices in the public realm: Reactivation, Periodicity, Disappearance and Public.

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