In Transit / Oslo – Kirkenes


Periphery vs. Center

– Bottom-up Experiences

Foto: Gängeviertel, Hamburg


Periphery vs. Center

– Bottom-up Experienc

Public talk in OSLO PILOT’s Project Room
Wednesday 24th February 6pm-8pm

IN TRANSIT connects 15 citizens’ initiatives from Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Scotland, England, Ireland and the Netherlands that promote cooperative projects and user-led urban planning processes in their neighbourhoods, cities and villages.

In cooperation with IN TRANSIT, Oslo Pilot presents a public talk with guests from citizens’ initiatives Oranssi Ry (Helsinki), ØsterGRO (Copenhagen), Civic Systems Lab (London) and Gängeviertel (Hamburg).

IN TRANSIT is a collaboration between the Goethe-Instituts in Scandinavia, UK, Ireland and the Netherlands.


Laura Billings / Civic Systems Lab / London
Civic Systems Lab is a laboratory that designs and tests methods, strategies and systems to grow the civic economy at regional, city and local level.

Kristian Skaarup / ØsterGRO / Copenhagen
ØsterGRO is a large-scale urban roof farm with organic vegetables, bees and chickens providing eggs and honey for 40 local families.

Pyry Rechardt / Oranssi ry / Helsinki
Oranssi ry (“Orange group”) renovate and repair old houses as reasonably priced rental apartments for young people. The key concept is participation of residents in planning, renovation and practical maintenance.

Claudia Pigors / Gängeviertel / Hamburg
Gängeviertel is a neighbourhood in central Hamburg that was squatted by artists and activists in order to save the old buildings from demolition, and to create an open, self-administered arena for culture, exchange and living.

Arild Eriksen / Hauskvartalet / Oslo
Hauskvartalet is a mixed-use development project in the center of Oslo, combining non-commercial rental housing, urban ecology and culture. /

Paying tribute to the geographical disposition of the country with its specific political implications, the IN TRANSIT meeting in Norway is two-fold. Whereas the first part takes place in Oslo, the second part will be in Kirkenes. The IN TRANSIT partner in Kirkenes is the curator/producer collective Pikene på Broen.

Norway has strong regional distinctions strengthened by comparably poor traffic connections. Since a fragmented coastline, elongated Fjords and ragged mountain chains, shapes its geography the construction of roads and train tracks has always been a challenge. Until today, the tracks are ending in Bodø, just slightly north of the country’s axis. Furthermore, the country has been traditionally divided between the economically developed and well-off south and west coast and the barren and precarious northern areas. Hence, the connection between the political center and the periphery has always been complex. Taking the specific Norwegian situation as its starting point, the In Transit meeting in Oslo/Kirkenes will compare the respective experiences of and challenges for bottom-up initiatives in the center and the periphery.

Oslo is developing even faster than other thriving Scandinavian and Nordic cities. The number of residents is expected to rise from 624.000 in 2013 to 832.000 in the 2040s, according to Statistisk sentralbyrå (Statistics Norway). The increased requirements for new living quarters as well as office spaces and industrial real estate are obvious. In the last years, decrepit port- and industrial areas, once the city’s main source of income, have been converted into commercial buildings, loft-living residences and shopping malls, gemmed with spectacular landmark architecture for cultural use. Open urban spaces and undetermined areas are already today scare and disappeared almost completely in the inner city districts. The enforced urban transformation challenges alternative place-making and bottom-up planning initiatives. Nevertheless, Oslo has an impressive number of artist run space and other bottom up cultural initiatives which manages to survive in the harsh economic climate.

Partners in Oslo & Kirkenes
Kulturhuset Hausmania
Hausmannsgt. 34, 0182 Oslo

Eriksen Skajaa Arkitekter AS
St Halvards plass 1, 0192 Oslo

ROM for Kunst og Arkitektur
Maridalsveien 3, 0178 Oslo

Prinsens Gate 2, 0152 Oslo

Pikene på Broen AS
Storgata 8, 9900 Kirkenes

Contacts IN TRANSIT:

Ulrich Ribbert
Head of the Goethe-Institut Norwegen
Grønland 16, 0188 Oslo

Leona Lynen
Concept / Project Manager IN TRANSIT

Markus Richter
Curator IN TRANSIT Norway