Conversation between artists Dora García and Francesc Ruiz



OSLO PILOT is pleased to invite you for a conversation between artists Dora García and Francesc Ruiz.  It will be held on Thursday September 29th at 18:00 at OSLO PILOT Project Room, Prinsens gate 2. The conversation is part of An Expanded Comic in 5 Instalments – a multipart project by Francesc Ruiz.


An Expanded Comic in 5 Instalments 
– a multipart project by Francesc Ruiz

Ruiz’s work tests the radical possibilities of the comic-book format and its potential to engage with sexual identity and the history and social body of cities. Utilizing different venues and distribution outlets across Oslo, “An Expanded Comic in 5 Instalments” draws from the history of Norwegian comic culture through aesthetic fissures, misinterpretations, and other displacement strategies that characterize the artist’s work.

Ruiz’s engagement with comics mobilizes their ability to deconstruct desire and sexual attraction. As an inexpensive and readily available format, comics have historically attempted to intercept adverse cultural and political positions such as homophobia, racism, and other forms of repression, as well as both critique and bypass the trivializing effect of mainstream media.

Over the course of the fall, Ruiz will organize a series of interventions that includes an autobiographical episode, a secret performance, a porn drawing workshop, a talk on Donald Duck, and a trip to Norway’s Museum of Comic Art at Brandbu. Each installment of the presentation will focus on different aspects of comics production, consumption, and distribution in Norway and will be accompanied by an original comic by the author printed with the OSLO PILOT Risograph. These artworks not only echo the social nature of comics, but are also motivated by the artist’s interest in expanding the medium’s format.
1. NO COMPRENDO will consist of an autobiographical comic about Ruiz’s immersion into Norwegian comic history. It reflects both his discovery of the culture’s vast history of the medium and his inability to understand the language it’s documented in. The title, which is Spanish for “I don’t understand,” is borrowed from No Comprendo Press, one of the main independent comic publishers in Norway.

September 15 – October 16, 2016
Opening Thursday September 15, 19:00

OSLO PILOT Project Room
Prinsens gate 2
0152 Oslo

2. NARVESEN uses the eponymous Oslo distribution outlets as sites for unannounced artistic actions surrounding the dissemination of printed matter. As a clandestine communication system, this part of the project will scrutinize the relationship between the Narvesen shops; the private Norwegian foundation Fritt Ord, which upholds freedom of expression and free press; and the organization’s support of the country’s secret occupation-resistance movement Stay Behind, which was active in the postwar period.

September 16, 2016, 11:00–12:00

Different venues, central Oslo.

3.NOCTURNAL EMISSIONS will take the form of a collaborative night school to sexplore new porn imaginaries in comics and illustration. From the Tijuana Bibles to homoerotic manga genres – such as Yaoi and Bara – to 4chan’s /d/ thread, sex cartoons have always existed as a way to explore and provoke our fetishes and fantasies. The unlimited resources that drawing offers in order to expand, modify, and reconstruct the human body and make it desirable reveal new limits of seduction and rejection. After a short theoretical introduction, the participants will have total freedom to produce personal and collaborative comics.

Inscribe at nocturnalemissionsworkshop@

September 16, 2016, 19:00–24:00

OSLO PILOT Project Room
Prinsens gate 2
0152 Oslo

4. DONALD: A conversation between Morten Harper and Øyvind Holen on the sociological impact of Donald Duck in Norwegian society

This conversation will focus on “Donaldism,” a term coined by author Jon Gisle in his 1973 book Donaldismen, referring to the fandom associated with Disney comics and cartoons. Texts such as How to Read Donald Duck,a 1971 communist critique by Chilean authors Ariel Dorfman and Armand Mattelart, as well as Donald-landet: Hvordan en and i matrosdress formet det moderne Norge a 2012 essay by Øyvind Holen, will be discussed. Attendees will also receive a comic by Ruiz that depicts the Donald Duck imaginary with references to Norwegian culture.

October 15, 2016, 15:00

OSLO PILOT Project Room
Prinsens gate 2
0152 Oslo



OSLO PILOT is a two-year project curated by Eva González-Sancho and Per Gunnar Eeg-Tverbakk to investigate the role of art in and for the public realm and to lay ground for a future periodic art event in public space. OSLO PILOT is initiated and financed by the City of Oslo, Agency for Cultural Affairs, Norway.

Funding for Francesc’s Ruiz project is provided by OSLO PILOT and AC/E