Cycle Wording

Cycle Wording is an initiative dedicated exclusively to the production and publication of poetic work, including the launch of a new editorial line. It seeks to open a discursive space of national and international scope anchored in the development and elaboration of the four founding concepts of Oslo Pilot’s investigations: Reactivation, Periodicity, Disappearance, and Public. The project will continue throughout the lifetime of Oslo Pilot.

To implement this initiative, an Editorial Advisory Board composed primarily of poets has been invited to advise all forms of production in this channel, beginning with Oslo Pilot’s inaugural presentation, catalogue, and public project, The Word’s Head. The Editorial Advisory Board will also guide and inform the shape, regularity, and distribution of the new editorial line, a print media project aimed at disseminating alternative forms of research. See Team for more information on Oslo Pilot’s Editorial Advisory Boards.

With a unique capacity to enrich and expand interpretation in poignant and unexpected ways, poetic language points toward more open-ended forms of research that resist concrete conclusions by opening up charged fields of consideration. By making poetry a cornerstone of its working process, Oslo Pilot strives to give space and voice to local and international poets alike to broaden and inform its approach to working in public space.