Tasked with designing a framework for a future periodic art event in public space, Oslo Pilot curators Eva González-Sancho and Per Gunnar Eeg-Tverbakk have identified four lines of investigation into the roles and conditions of art in the public realm. These interconnected areas of enquiry—Reactivation, Periodicity, Disappearance, and Public—are conceived as open-ended problematics to be addressed through multiple approaches over Oslo Pilot’s two-year duration and across all of its channels.

Oslo Pilot’s focus on these terms is aimed at drawing out considerations too often overlooked in art vocabularies formulated around public site on the one hand, and the exhibition on the other. Each underpinned by a reflection on time, these four terms present rich fields of enquiry with regards to the life cycle of both the artwork and the recurring art event, as well as to the various temporalities of the public sphere.

Explored directly or obliquely in all works produced and presented by Oslo Pilot, these four lines of investigation serve as cornerstones of the conceptual and methodological framework the project is slowly mounting. Collaborations with artists, architects, historians, urban planners, and writers from various fields will continue to inform this framework over the project’s duration, bringing numerous voices and interpretations to the conversation.